ACC full form complete description 2021

In the common search, the full form of ACC cement is the name of Associated Cement Companies. The above is a popular brand amalgamation.


Meanwhile, there is another ACC full form army search result which is the Army Cadet College. The ACC full form in education also has a separate answer which is the All College Council.

Other ACC Full Form Answers

However, many users utilize ACC full form in chat which is the abbreviation of actually or accordingly. Not only in these fields but also there is a full form of ACC in medical which is the Anodal Closure Contraction.

In simple accounting language, the ACC full form accounts search result is the abbreviation of Accounts. Another search result is also for the full form of ACC in government which is the Appointment Committee of the Cabinet.

Another crucial and popular search result is for the ACC full form in cars which is the Adaptive Cruise Control. Nevertheless, users also search for ACC full form sports results. The above will give a result of the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Where is the base of the ACC cement present?

Answer: The base of the ACC cement offices is present in India in Mumbai city.

Question 2. Are there multiple answers for ACC full form?

Answer: Yes, there are more than 5 to 6 results for the full form of ACC searches.

Question 3. Do we have ACC full form sports search results too?

Answer: We provide all significant results such as the ACC full-form in sports and others too.

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