Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in India Options List 2021

Aeronautical is the special field of studies that focus on aircraft and flying crafts of all kinds. The study helps you to become an Aeronautical engineer and gives high returns in jobs. Hence, it is quite common for our users to show interest in knowing the aeronautical engineering colleges in India.

Many of these options also feature amongst the global standings of Institutions with high reputations. The excellence of such colleges is a major reason behind India’s success in developing Aerospace blueprints. Not only the civil service but also the defense aircraft sector benefits a lot from this field.

While most of the aeronautical colleges in India also depend on JEE, many have their tests too. Moreover, these tests also happen to be amongst the toughest we have within the country. Being aware of the institute names will help you for a better chance of getting through. Our article gives you the necessary pieces of information for your journey towards an Aeronautical Engineering career.

List of Aeronautical Colleges

A collective list of the top-ranking Aeronautical colleges helps you in many ways. It gives you easy enrollment options, a preparation boost, and overall subject matter awareness too. Follow the list for an easy way ahead to reach your valuable engineering dream!

Serial No.College NameState
1IIT KanpurUttar Pradesh
2IIST NedumangadKerala
3Madras Institute of Tech.Tamil Nadu
4MATS UniversityChhattisgarh
5Lovely Professional Univ.Punjab
6MLR Institute of Tech.Hyderabad

Indian Institute of Technology [IIT] (Kanpur, India)

Every year, Aeronautical Engineering students of the highest quality enroll in IIT Kanpur. The institute is in existence since 1959 as one of the oldest surviving IITs. Aeronautical and Aerospace branches always have high-rank demands from the students.

The high point of the entire course routine is the practical involvement in the subject. As aerospace professionals, hands-on training holds an important place for your final expertise.

The infrastructure and government support allows you to prosper and follow an innovative path. Your only way is to score your best in the JEE advanced and have a good school pointer. IIT Kanpur continuously tops amongst the best aeronautical engineering colleges in India.

Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (Nedumangad, Kerala)

The IISST finds itself under the government’s wings with a deemed status for specialization in Aerospace. The alumni always promote their high-quality infrastructure with best-in-class practical labs. Their wider focus on providing complex practical demonstrations is quite popular too.

Like any other standard institute, JEE advanced is the only road leading to IIST. The college focuses on your 12th standard percentage to be more than 75 for considering you. Moreover, an above-average score in JEE will give you a good ranking to be eligible for this college. 

The IIST is a good way to forward if your aim is right in the aeronautical sciences. The biggest reason is their exclusiveness of being one-of-a-kind institutions in the entire country for this facility.

Madras Institute of Technology (Tamil Nadu, India)

This institute in the arms of Chennai has some of the most brilliant Aeronautical professional teachers. To speak, the Honorable Late Abdul Kalam Ji is a notable student of the institute. Hence, some of the brilliant minds in the field of space research are from this venture of Anna University.

The campus is well spread throughout an area of 15 acres and exists since 1949. This makes MIT one of the oldest and well-known aeronautical engineering colleges in India. The campus has some of the best demonstrations for rockets, guided missiles, and other aviation technology.

The state’s special focus also allows its management to provide ideal training facilities. The selection process is autonomous and also on the principle of merit for high-quality student inflow.

M.A.T.S. University (Chhattisgarh, India)

This is one of the relatively new yet exciting options available within central India. The School of Engineering under their administration has many diverse courses for their students. Meanwhile, if you have an eye on high-quality laboratory and training facilities, this option is viable.

The entry process is similar to standard engineering colleges with JEE mains. However, a good score at the +2 levels will help you to better your chances. The establishment dates back to 2008 with a list of accolades from AICTE and other certification authorities.

The campus is one of the few in India to have an exclusive display and learning model of the MiG jet. Their faculties also have a host of experience in the field to show for their years.

Lovely Professional University (Jalandhar, Punjab, India)

LPU is quite famous within the younger circle for its technical facilities and expertise. Their wide campus spread over 100’s of acres gives them the ability to have a diverse portfolio. Aeronautical is one of their prized possession amongst the other Engineering branches.

With an existence of over 2 decades, their experience of placements is high too. Moreover, the research and practice facilities available within the campus are the best in the business. Their admission process consists of JEE mains and an alternate option of their direct tests too.

Hence, LPU is one of the quality options in the available aeronautical colleges in India. They also have a lot of options to further extend your interest into a master’s in the same stream.

MLR Institute of Technology, MLRIT (Telangana, India)

The MLRIT is another new and private college option amongst the best in the Aeronautical department. Their foundation is from the year 2005 and the college is spread over 35 acres. It is also one of the few options in Andhra Pradesh which is a stronghold of Aeronautical sciences.

Your way to MLRIT goes through the process of JEE and also through merit selections. The college management has high standards for their incoming students for raising the bar. In addition to graduation, they also have a PG option in aeronautical studies for your interest.

Their Affiliation is under the JN technical university and the present leadership of Marri Laxman Reddy. The campus has high-quality labs supporting the theory syllabus for comprehensive education.

Responsibilities of an Aeronautical Engineering Professional

The role of an aeronautical engineer offers a wide scope of diversification and technical expertise. The main reason for this is the increasing commercial interest in the stream. The best aeronautical colleges in India are the ones that take this into the mix for overall grooming.

  • Maintenance and assembly of flying vessels and aircraft and measurement of their performance.
  • Updating planned maintenance records for the preventive routines of these high-cost machines.
  • Design and synthesis of new and breakthrough concepts for highly efficient aircraft.
  • Contributing to the field of space, aeronautics, and defense with new and feasible outcomes.
  • Providing options to commercial clients for economical and strong options for commercial operations.
  • Creation of virtual and manual interface to act as the working medium for the other staff.
  • Maintenance of safety standards and strict policies for aviation safety and security.

Job Options

As an aeronautical engineer, job worries are a thing of the past. The 2000s and India’s rapid strides in space and commercial aircraft are the biggest pluses for you right now. Job options across ISRO, HAL, and other government outlets are experiencing the biggest booster shot.

In addition to this, commercial airliners, maintenance plants, etc. are always looking for you. This includes on-ground and office options available at the will of the candidate. The best aeronautical colleges give you a bright career ahead for a year of professional satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are options available after passing out from the aeronautical engineering colleges in India?

    A. Job options across the government and private institutions are many. A special focus at present is in the defense and space research facilities too.

  2. Do you have a list of the best aeronautical engineering colleges to choose from?

    A. All the options we give you in the article are high class. There are other few available on the private front to choose from as well.

  3. Can we do higher research or education in the Aeronautical stream as well?

    A. The field has a lot of options for and other higher qualifications suiting you.

  4. Can a mechanical student change over to aeronautical engineering after the first year?

    A. If your institute or university has the option, it is a sure-shot possibility to do so.

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