All in One Science Class 10 Syllabus and Lessons

Science is a friendly yet tricky subject, no matter at what stage of education you are. The All in One Science Class 10 is no exception as a book to this theory. Moreover, the 10th standard science is usually what allows you to decide a future in the stream.

Keeping this in mind, CBSE tries its best to keep the subject interactive with the depth of learning. Arihant adapts its learning courses and material to suit these changing trends. Hence, they design this to give you the perfect share of knowledge with easy understanding.

The main quality of having an all in one science class 10 copy is that it is a one-stop solution. The syllabus is exactly enough to complete not only CBSE but other board requirements too. Moreover, the makers have a high line of experience in giving such helpful course material.

We introduce you to a brief and helpful understanding of the important lessons within the book. This will allow you to understand its importance in your hand and study cycle.

Pattern of Learning

The book becomes a tool that gives you a solid base and the competitive knowledge for class 10th. Instead of taking the typical way forward, the publication uses a direct answering style. They focus on questions that have high importance for learning and scoring at important places.

Each question within the all in one class 10 has to-the-point solutions for direct learning. The arrangement of these questions is also as per the marks that appear in the final exam. This helps you at a stage when you are chipping off the loose ends from your preparation.


Along with studies, the book is also helpful for the revision of the entire module in a short time. When you have an in-depth understanding, the idea is to focus on the final questions and their style. By going through this booklet, the above is possible within a short time.

Solution and Numerical Answers

Most solution books do not have a sufficient guiding depth for the numerical questions. This forces you to skip the important areas while solving them and end up with partial ideas. However, the all in one class 10 makes sure that it is not the case with their material.

Arihant ensures that its booklet has a step-by-step approach when going for the long answers. This also holds for the numerical and derivations that contain a high share of marks. Hence, you will get a clear understanding and also be able to compare the steps with other students.


Unlike the other common utility guides, this book does not focus only on high-scoring chapters. Each unit will have its important share of focus for an overall awareness. This gives you the power to separate the lessons on their scoring share and proceed ahead.


Most of the authors that participate in the formation of this book are CBSE seniors. Hence, their years of experience in similar syllabus management come in handy for the students. These teachers make sure to design the answers in a way that strikes out as unique and helpful.

 Question Style and Learning

An entire section of the booklet focuses especially on the exam-friendly approach for you. Hence the all in one science class 10 divides its question s you will face them in the papers. This means the category of questions you will see in the book are:

  • Very Short Type (VST) Questions
  • Short Type (ST) Questions
  • Long Type (LT) Questions

The length of these answers and the approach of solutions is also as per their marks. While CBSE keeps shuffling the normal pattern, this will give you a subjective idea. Through this method, you will be able to decide the answer size for a particular section and follow it accordingly.

Objective Type Approach

In addition to the typical subjective questions, there are objective ones too. Moreover, the objective ones are also divided into different types.

  • Multiple correct answers
  • Single correct answer
  • Fill up the missing blank
  • One word answer

By giving this part, the book tries to help you in your objective question papers as well. Moreover, the important NCERT questions that commonly come in the competitive exams are in this section. Hence, a quick look through the chapters will also help you in the upcoming entrance tests.

Syllabus Coverage

The lack of syllabus awareness is common, as you already face with a lot of subjects. However, standard books do not have such missing pieces in their build-up. The all in one class 10 places itself nicely around the syllabus patterns of the NCERT text.

It also accounts for the help from other Arihant reference books to combine the whole deal. Hence, the whole syllabus is present in a single book and it serves perfectly. At important points of the exam, this type of approach helps in selective reading and learning.

Several common units are present in a simple form with their solutions for your clarity.

1Chemical Reactions
2Acids, Bases, Salts
3Classification of Elements
4Life Process
5Heredity and Evolution
6Reflection and Refraction
7Sources of Energy
8Electric Current
9Our Environment
11Human Eye
12Metals and Non-Metals
13Carbon Compounds

The units will not necessarily be in the order we say or only these many. The all in one science class 10 is popular for giving more and in a much better way. However, this gives you a basic awareness of what you get to have in these books.

Extra Material

While this is already enough, the book goes a step ahead to help you out. For example, the authors also include previous years of compilation from the Olympiad competition. In the second half, the authors also include the question papers from the old records.

These papers are present along with their standard answers and a recall year too. Hence, you will decide the importance of a question in terms of the scoring pattern. Another additional item these books include is the sample questions for your preparation.

Other Similar Books

Arihant does not just cover the science syllabus with their all in one science class 10 book. They have other similar options to choose from in the other subjects as well. For example, the all-in-one social science booklet for class 10th is a common and popular seller.

The same book is also available for math to make your exam easier. It also comes for the subject of English. However, the solution approach changes on the basis of the nature of the subject of the book. Hence, we suggest you select your individual choice and buy them together for price benefits.

While these books are important, they do not replace the common textbook. Moreover, a good run of the NCERT book will give you an extra bit when you are reading these. Hence, do not use them as a tool to skip syllabus but rather a tool to be better at exams!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is the all-in-one science class 10 different from the other guide books?

    A. It is not a simple guidebook by any means. It has comprehensive chapter-wise details for the topics that come commonly, along with loads of other material.

  2. Does the book get a new version every year or do the contents stay the same?

    A. The publication keeps adding new and fresh material as per the year. This also includes the papers and answers from the immediately previous year.

  3. Can this book be a total replacement for the NCERT textbook of the subject?

    A. By no means can any book replace the standard NCERT issue of syllabus books.

  4. Does the book have answers to the questions from the old years and their year-wise reference?

    A. Yes, both of these requirements are in the book and the authors are careful of it.

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