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BBA, commonly known as the Bachelors in Business Administration is a popular graduation degree. This course gives you a mix of perfect business studies and experience for practical and theoretical ideas. You also get bigger business management options and prospects for a high-earning job and future.  The best BBA colleges in Hyderabad help the local and national students in their education.

The course has a period of 3 years with a combination of projects and theory for your understanding. The common jobs you can avail of through this are business development, strategies, and marketing. Moreover, the biggest plus available is a wide option of management post-graduation courses.

Hence, we introduce you to a wide range of BBA colleges in Hyderabad to help your ambitions. These colleges not only welcome locals but the national and international students. A number of these colleges also have excellent rankings on a national level. 

List of BBA Colleges in Hyderabad

Being aware of the best colleges for BBA helps you to choose wisely at a young age. This push is necessary to keep your career on track and put the right feet forward. Moreover, the right colleges also give you the right placement options along with the knowledge.

Serial No.College
1St. Ann’s College
3Nizam College
4Woxsen University
5Osmania University
6St. Francis College

St Ann’s College, Hyderabad (Telangana, India)

St Ann’s College is present since 1981 in the heart of Hyderabad with a 4-acre campus. This campus is exclusively a girl’s college and gives BBA course options for females. The reputation of this college rests in the number of noticeable personalities who belong to its batches.

The very name of Saina Nehwal and P.V. Sindhu is enough to explain the college’s sporting interest too. One of the oldest BBA colleges in Hyderabad, St Ann’s is an environment-friendly area. The convent background also gives the right mix of social and environmental studies.

They have a high standard for the cut-off to allow girls of high educational interest into their system. Hence, a strong career after completing BBA from this institute is a guarantee for you.

National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hyderabad (Telangana, India)

The NITHM is one of the best and progressive institutes in the field of Hospitality. Their bachelor’s degree in business administration gives you a list of opportunities in this field. The college foundation is from the year 2005 and presently under the lead of Dr. S.C. Reddy.

The UG courses are available if you pass out from the 12th standard with a high score. The admission in any stream is based on merit. Hence, the BBA also has a lot of competition for entrance between the students on a national basis.

It features one of the exclusive hospitality institutions amongst the best BBA colleges in Hyderabad. The fee patterns are also reasonable and have special inclusion for, especially abled students.

Nizam College, Hyderabad (Telangana, India)

The establishment of Nizam College dates back to 1887, one of the historical colleges in India. Their BBA course in Nizam College holds high value for direct job opportunities. Meanwhile, names like Rakesh Sharma, Md. Azharuddin, JM Reddy, feature as highly popular former students.

Nizam’s admission process is also subject to the merit selection process. A list of PG courses is also available for further extension of educational options while studying here. You can easily see the rich cultural history on the campus and the diversity on the premises.

Ranking top amongst the BBA colleges in Hyderabad, Nizam college admissions are through the DOST portal. Their MBA is equivalent to any other highly famous top-line institute in India.

Woxsen University, Hyderabad (Telangana, India)

Woxsen is a big name and the rare private one when it comes to universities in Hyderabad. The college is spread across 200 acres of land with a highly efficient campus. Their facilities have residential options for students who visit from the international corridor.

Woxsen University also gives you a range of options to choose PGDM courses too. Moreover, their progressive approach is unique amongst the best private BBA colleges in Hyderabad and across India too. Their affiliation also comes from the AMDISA which gives them international status.

Your admissions in this college are through your merit and special student status. A 100% record for placing their students across all streams is a big plus too.

Osmania University, Hyderabad (Telangana, India)

Mir Osman Ali Khan is the founder of this prestigious organization in Hyderabad. Osmania ranks 7th in the list of oldest universities in the entire country. The campus gives you a perfect mix of historical taste and modern developments for your education.

OU is also one of the oldest BBA colleges in Hyderabad and third in entire Southern India. Their degree in Business Administration holds high value for entry into the top business organizations. From Narasimha Rao to Harsha Bhogle, the list of notable pass outs is an exquisite one.

For admissions, Osmania has its system of entry and merit. It also considers your 12th standard records and performance in specific subjects. Hence, a good eye on their cut-off updates will be helpful for you.

St. Francis College, Begumpet, Hyderabad (Telangana, India)

1959 is the year of foundation for the popular St. Francis college that has catholic roots. The management is also of catholic origin with convent standards of education on the campus. It is one of the prestigious catholic minority institutions and the popular BBA colleges in Hyderabad.

Their NIFR ranking is at 72 for the calendar year of 2020 to mark their reputation. A total of 16000 students across streams in the past 2 decades in a mark of the belief in the institute. However, the college is strictly only for females and sticks to its set of rules.

The BBA affiliation for St. Francis College is as per the standards of UGC and through the arms of AICTE. Female students also have the further option of higher degrees from this fine institution.

BBA Course Pattern and Study Routine

As a course, BBA looks to make administrators, managers, and CEOs out of you. Hence, the syllabus has a greater inclination towards management and business routines. A large part of it has to do with the banking, legal, and corporate subjects for helping your understanding.

Accounting, Economics, and management dominate the first two semesters of BBA. Greater detail of tax, Human Resources, and Business Analytics will dominate the second year. Meanwhile, the third year has mostly projects and assignments for you to work on practical grounds.

Certain topics hold importance for pursuing BBA as your future. Some of these topics are:

  • Mathematics
  • Behavior Skills
  • Business Law
  • Financial management
  • Human Resources
  • Problem-solving

Hence, a good mathematical aptitude and in-depth knowledge of commerce hold high importance. All the subjects give you a good chance to move forward at a steady rate and compete with the best students. The BBA colleges in Hyderabad have a history of giving a list of revolutionary personalities to India.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of BBA for a future in MBA?

A. BBA is the perfect building block for moving to the eventual MBA. It slowly pushes you into business administration on an operational level.

Can I change my stream to BBA if I belong to the science stream?

A. Yes, you have the option to choose BBA at your graduation stage. However, a lack of prior knowledge will need you to work extra for covering up.

Are there any BBA-MBA courses on an integral basis in Hyderabad?

A. You can privately contact the management for such availability. It depends on their admission patterns to include such courses or not.

Why do famous people pursue BBA or other business degrees?

A. People of reputation have special ability across all streams. However, business administration gives you a fair idea and a competitive edge for progress.

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