Best Books for NEET Candidates 2021

NEET stands out as the most important entrance level test along with JEE for young students. Both these exams compete with IAS examinations in terms of career value and toughness. Hence, being aware of the best books for NEET gives you the edge as a prospective candidate.

While most books present the typical old papers, the ideal ones have much more. For instance, a mix of the tricky syllabus, the tough questions, and solution methods will help you. These books also have the right balance between theory and the practical representation of it.

As a student for NEET 2021-2022, your awareness of the syllabus also plays an important role. Complete trust in a single author or production is often not helpful at such stages. Hence, we recommend a combination of more than one of these books for the right way forward.

Understanding NEET

To appear for the basic round of this examination, students need Biology as their specialization. Many students also prefer to keep mathematics as an additional choice for their +2-level course. However, NEET comes out to an extremely tough and competitive way ahead and needs complete dedication.

The present syllabus for NEET has a completely different reflection than the historical pattern. Statistically, a score of 350+ will lead you to a good private institution to pursue your medical hopes. A minimum of 50% score is important for you as a general candidate to stand any chance.

The 50% eligibility also helps you to go ahead into the AIIMS MBBS 2021 for graduation. However, the same is set at 40% for candidates with caste reservations or physical merits. The best books for NEET also consider the competitive edge of this examination for syllabus distribution.

Best Books for NEET Candidates 2021

NEET Syllabus 2021

Students of medicine have three core subjects in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology to handle. However, the distribution of marks amongst these subjects does not stand equal in this exam.

The primary focus remains on Biology to be the core subject. Both Chemistry and Physics act as the catalyst for the assessment and distribution of marks overall. Moreover, the subjects have a division within themselves for class 11th and class 12th syllabus.

The present distribution of marks in the order of year and the subject will help your syllabus assessment.

Physics (11th)180
Chemistry (11th)180
Biology (11th)360
Physics (12th)180
Chemistry (12th)180
Biology (12th)360

Famous NEET books

While the toughness of this exam is beyond any doubt, each year sees new scoring records. With increasing student IQ, the other reason is the quality of books and study material too. The important NEET books provide the right balance for school and competitive excellence.

Physics Subject

Physics is the probable decision-maker for students of NEET exams. The main reason for this is the numerical nature of the topics and the difference in the stream. Hence, books that help to build concepts will qualify as the best books for NEET in the physics stream.

HC VERMA Concepts of Physics

This qualifies as the best concept builder at the 11th and 12th standard levels for NEET candidates. The theory and explanation in detail help the candidates to understand the numerical questions. The book holds a combination of both levels and comes as the best option for early learners.

DC Pandey NEET Objective Physics

While HC Verma builds a solid base, the objective nature of NEET needs special attention. Hence, DC Pandey’s objective booklet holds high importance before going for NEET. It allows you to accustom yourself to the timely solution of questions and the marking system too.

NEET objective physics also helps people to increase their solving speed in a particular subject. Statistically, Physics occupies the highest time for non-technical students in any exam.

Chemistry Subject

Chemistry is a more natural subject for students who want to opt for NEET. A major reason for this is the theoretical nature and descriptive understanding of the basics. Chemistry also plays a more integral role while adding some important quick marks in the exams.


This book comes as a savior for people who need quick help with Chemistry. It allows you to understand the 11th and 12th formations in a way that suits NEET patterns. Hence, the chemistry’s list of best books for NEET is incomplete without MTG.

M.S. Chouhan’s Organic Chemistry

Organic is the stream that gets you the highest number of marks without consuming time. This also saves your precious time for the other core subjects and higher scoring options. M.S. Chouhan builds your base with organic and covers up the relative less understanding of inorganic too.

Teachers with prior experience of NEET Chemistry book will recommend this every day. The book additionally comes in handy for those who are aiming for JEE. A significant portion of theoretical concepts is precise and informative for the students of NEET exams.

Biology Subject  

Biology has the highest scoring options and occupies the highest number of marks in the paper. With 360 scoring shares, it also occupies the maximum amount of time while paper solving. As an aspirant of NEET, the books of Biology come naturally to you for the cause.

NCERT Objective Biology

This book gets revisions under the MTG editorial board every year. Objective Biology converts mainstream learning into a rapid and intensive objective system. This allows you to pit your solving techniques against a timeframe and judge your numerical abilities.

Objective Biology by Trueman

This book covers a wide array of syllabus along with the typical objective arrangement. The overall syllabus comes within the first and second volumes of Trueman’s Biology. Moreover, a special par of emphasis is made on the structured approach towards Biology.

Equal Importance on NCERT

Many students commit the basic error of overlooking the course NCERT syllabus and books. However, it is understandable that government focuses a major part of the exams through these. The idea is to provide a level playing field for all while appearing for NEET.

  • NCERT Biology Course Book (11th and 12th)
  • NCERT PHYSICS Course Book (11th and 12th)
  • NCERT Chemistry Course Book (11th and 12th)

Hence, the unsaid truth of the NCERT books being the best books for NEET is quite strong. The core questions within the syllabus sometimes appear as it is the examinations. Hence, prior reading of the NCERT coursebooks before moving to a higher level helps a lot. Another importance is the inexpensive rate and high availability of these books. The government focuses on their circulation too.

Mixing Books and Practice

The important NEET books give you the right ix of practice and learning. It is the primary idea to accustom yourself to the exam pattern and be ready. This saves your critical seconds when answering tough questions.

The right NEET books also teach you to prioritize arranging questions as per their grade. With this, you can save time for the ones you know and avoid the ones you don’t. A careful study through all these course materials will give you a sure chance of making it through the NEET.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can we find subject-wise books for NEET preparation and understanding?

    A. Yes, most of the modern reference books have a grade and subjective level of teaching.

  2. DO NCERT books help in the NEET exam?

    A. The government makes sure that a major portion of the exam syllabus is from NCERT’s core. Never ignore the course material coming through NCERT.

  3. Which subject has a higher share while appearing for the NEET?

    A. Biology is the primary focus and has the highest share amongst the three.

  4. Do the qualifying marks for NEET help in the AIIMS MBBS understanding?

    A. A minimum of 50% score as general is important to go through the AIIMS MBBS options.

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