Canara Bank PO Salary Details 2021

The Canara Bank PO salary information is quite popular for young candidates in the country. It has one of the best job security provisions and growth opportunities amongst all such jobs. Moreover, you can either associate yourself with a private or a government bank as a PO.

Meanwhile, the competition level also shows how many people find interest in the job. The national exams like IBPS, SBI-PO, etc. find millions of applications for appearance. This invites the attraction of many young users towards the ultimate opportunity.

Hence, the awareness of a PO’s salary helps you to decide correctly about your career. It helps you to relate the hard work you put in with the correct rate of return. This also accounts for the other pers a PO gets while appearing for the job. We give an outline and a brief reference for this set of data.

PO Salary Pattern and Sections

Just like any other monthly payments, the Canara Bank PO salary distribution has sections too. This includes a variety of deductions, allowances, and other perks of the trade. Hence, understanding the division will include the total gross pay and the smaller sections of it.

PO Job Opportunities

A probationary officer’s recruitment is generally something that happens every year. The major reason is the growing network of these banks and the outgoing staff population. With overwhelming crowds, the banks need more and more people with training to handle their operations.

Hence, Canara Bank releases its availability of job opportunities for PO candidates every year. Usually, these exams happen in the last quarter of the year in October and November. The results soon follow in the first quarter of the next year.

On average, there are as many as 800 to 1000 openings for taking in new PO candidates. However, the number of people who sign up for the examination journey is in lakhs! This will give you an idea about the level of toughness that wats for you while preparing for these.

PO Job Exam Pattern

A good thing is that every bank follows a standard pattern for competition and exams. This means there is no difference or need of covering up while preparing for multiple exams. Canara Bank also conducts its recruitment through a prelims and mains system of selection.

The prelim exam consists of the typical aptitude, reasoning, and other similar areas. Extra focus is given for candidates to be familiar with English as a section of the exam. Once you clear the prelims, the bank notifies you through an alert to get ready for the mains.

Typically, 0.01% or lesser candidates make it through this segment of the exam. Once through, you need to appear for the interview as set up by the bank’s examination committee. It is only after the interview that the bank releases your final acceptance and gives the details.

PO Salary Explanation

The final acceptance or offer letter you get from the bank contains the detail for the salary. It explains the pay scale you fall under and the divisions it goes through. Hence, the Canara Bank PO Salary offer letter gives a brief idea about the PO’s service class.

As with every other payment term, the main amount comes out in the form of Gross pay. This includes all the different allowances you expect while working at a rank. For a typical PO at the Canara Bank, this gross total is between 25,000 to 35,500 INR.

This amount comes through many sections that fall within your pay band.

Basic Pay

An employee’s basic pay is the money they get for the actual service hours at the workplace. This is usually a very small reflection of the total money they finally make as their salary. For a Canara Bank PO, the basic pay ranks between 15,000 to 24,500 INR.

The basic pay does not have any deductions from any party in the transaction. Hence, this amount is the minimum guarantee an employee has for their services.

Dearness Allowance

A bank gives dearness allowance to staff as a mark of their loyalty and service to the rank. This means the dearness allowance is not a particular value but rather keeps changing. Hence, the bank specifies this amount within a range while releasing your offer documents.

In the typical Canara Bank PO Salary distribution, this ranges between 8,700 to 10,800 INR. Many revisions take place in this allowance as per the rank you hold.

Travelling/ Fuel Allowance

This part of the salary comes as the reimbursement for the traveling costs you handle. For a typical PO range, this varies between 2500 to 3500 INR. However, the change in costs also changes the fuel allowance you get while working at the bank.

Rental Allowance

The bank employs people from all across the country at any particular branch or base. This makes them cover for their stay and the expenses coming with it. Hence, the rental allowance covers a particular part of an employee’s salary.

For a standard PO salary pattern, the rental allowances range between 8000 to 9100 INR. Like other parts of the salary, this area also faces an increase in the pay grade.

Medical Coverage

Not only the bank gives medical insurance but also a certain amount to cover the expenses. This amount makes a big part of the salary you expect as a PO. In the standard PO pay, the amount comes between 7200 to 8300 INR. This covers the basic medical expenses that occur in daily life.

Other Allowances

Several small and big amounts come as other allowances in the final salary chart. This pushes the final total to the gross pay range we describe at the start of our article. Some major areas of allowances that you will find in the salary pattern are:

  • Pension Amount
  • News Paper
  • Other flexible pay allowances

Canara Bank PO Salary Table with Figures

SectionAmount (INR)
Gross Total Scale25000-35500

Any local contribution as per the region of the branch will come in separate. The salary will have extra variations depending upon the leaves of the candidate. Moreover, festive and other benefits do not come in the main part of the salary discussion either.

The above table will change with the pay scale revisions that take place after 5 years. Hence, the actual reference of the correct pay comes from an official offer letter. However, this will give you an outline of what to expect from the Canara Bank PO Salary Scale.

Other Salary Details

Each bank will have its way of describing the salary you will finally get. Hence, the right way is to search for the particular exam you are undergoing. Moreover, private firms operate differently and have different allowance patterns to what the government does.

In this case, we suggest you refer to our other articles for the right information you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the process for Canara Bank PO recruitment at present?

    Answer: The above takes place through their direct exam that happens in the last quarter of every year.

  2. What is the salary grade limit we get as a Canara Bank Probationary Officer?

    Answer: You can find the correct salary details for the PO grade within this article of ours.

  3. Are there any leave allowances available within the PO salary?

    Answer: Such amounts are on the individual payment patterns of a bank and its salary committee.

  4. Do all the banks have coverage for medical allowances in their salary patterns?

    Answer: Yes, every organization of a standard quality will cover the medical security of their employees. This is also a compulsory part as per the government rules.

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