Full form of POLICE and important usage 2021

POLICE department garners ample respect and consideration across the various aspects of the country. Hence, the full form of POLICE is often an interesting and important search for correct results. We provide the full form of POLICE and other important full forms for our users.


A lot of individuals think that no correct full form for the POLICE exists. However, this assumption of full forms is absolutely inappropriate and we advise our readers against such confusion. By providing the full form of POLICE in English, we assist such users to solve their doubts.

The simple full form for the above terminology is the phrase of Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies. Hence, the emphasis of this POLICE full form is clear in the explanation of the term itself. However, we provide a clear meaning of the search result separately too.

An individual with the duty to uphold the law as well as to protect individuals from criminal injustice is POLICE. Hence, the POLICE full meaning will stand true to the above explanation in relevance with the law. Meanwhile, the extent of power and legal rights of the POLICE might differ.

POLICE and various relatable full forms

It is important to realize not only the full form of police but also the other similar full forms. For instance, a common question within the police department section is the SP full form. If one can understand this full form, they will understand the police hierarchy too.

The SP full form is a reference to the rank of Superintendent of Police. The above is a rank of high reputation and responsibility in the police arrangement. Hence, a lot of professional enthusiasts or aspirants often look for the SP full form in their daily lives.

A similar search result is also for the DSP full form. This full form is also available with us with the various correct meanings in different references. The main purpose is to answer the full form requests of all the users across different sections. We provide all the DSP full forms in the same way.

In reference to the POLICE department, the full form of DSP is for the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police. This is a high rank in the police service and a lot of search results for this full form are available. Hence, the DSP full form is also as important as the full form of Police.

A common question for the above search section is also for the UPPD full form in English. This search is available with a variety of answers as per the search orientation. Hence, we provide all the important answers for the UPPD full form for our users. These full forms will avoid any confusion between the search results too.

The UPPD full form for the Indian Police system is the full form of the Uttar Pradesh Police Department. This is primarily a full form for the state of Uttar Pradesh. However, the search result on the international level for the UPPD full form will be different.

In the international reference, the UPPD full form will stand for the terminology of the Union Pacific Police Department. This search result can be highly important for the users who look for the UPPD full form in English. That is why we provide the full form in this reference as well for our users.

Other full forms of POLICE department

The large spectrum of the police force outreach means that there are a large number of sections too. Hence, there are a lot of full forms of relevance for the full form of police that we must know. We provide all the other full forms relevant to the police for our users in a proper manner.

An interesting task in relevance to the above mention is the IPS full form. This full form is a very common terminology in the central services. Meanwhile, a lot of aspirants and professionals look for this full form right at the entry or examination level. We provide the IPS full form and other full forms.

The full form for the above terminology will be present as the Indian Police Services. The IPS full form is also relevant because it is a high government rank and an honorary way for the country’s service. Hence, the Indian Police Services full form for the IPS will be very useful for every individual.

Within the IPS cadre itself is the query of the ACP full form in police services. We provide the ACP full form for our readers to solve this query. The ACP full form terminology is present as the full form of Assistant Commissioner of Police. This is a high rank and hence the knowledge of its full form is important too.

 Full form of POLICE in other languages

We also provide the full form of police in other languages for our user’s search satisfaction. For instance, a lot of users often look for the POLICE full form in Hindi. This is very important for those who speak Hindi as their primary language or mother tongue.

Moreover, a similar search as the above is also when people ask for POLICE ka full form. The terminology for the above search in Hindi is कानूनी जांच और आपराधिक आपात स्थिति के लिए सार्वजनिक अधिकारी. However, one can write the term POLICE in Hindi as पुलिस.

Meanwhile, another such search is for the full form of police in the Tamil language. We provide the Tamil search result for this full form for our Tamil readers across the globe. The above full form terminology in the correct manner in Tamil is சட்ட விசாரணைகள் மற்றும் குற்றவியல் அவசரநிலைகளுக்கான பொது அதிகாரி.

We provide the full form of POLICE in as many ways as possible to provide full forms for every search. We also provide all the different full forms of a similar term as well to eliminate doubts. Hence, the readers can search every possible full form with us in this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the main use of the full form of POLICE?

    A. The full form of POLICE is useful to understand the role and the profession and the various ranks.

  2. Can we find the full form of POLICE in HINDI and other languages?

    A. Yes, we provide the full form of POLICE in Hindi and other languages for our users.

  3. Do you provide all the other important full forms too?

    A. Every important full form and its correct terminology is present with us for our readers.


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