How To Join RAW Full Process 2021

With the increasing dedication towards patriotism, the youth is shifting focus towards the nation’s service. The Research and Analysis Wing of India (RAW) is one such outlet for people of high quality. Hence, young people find it interesting and rewarding to know how to join RAW.

The service is often confusing with many other security and similar departments. However, the scope of RAW’s reach goes beyond these traditional departments. As a unit, RAW holds the duty to protect the country’s unity and security at all costs.

The operations of RAW happen mostly at the ground They also have special abilities working at the important administrative level. Hence, there are a lot of opportunities existing with the RAW.

However, the recruitment for all these ranks comes through a single method. We describe the right way for you to enter this special unit.

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Duties of RAW

Before going into this lifetime challenge, an awareness of the duties is important. Daily, the department handles a mix of low- and high-level tasks. These include:

  • Collection of sensitive intelligence information on home and foreign soil.
  • Processing and safe passage of information to the different departments for the nation’s security.
  • Handling of severe national threats like nuclear actions, etc.
  • Quick and long-term action against any possible act of terrorism. Safe and secure development of plans to keep the country free of terror.
  • Preparing plans of safety for different official departments and their working teams.
  • Predicting and stopping any acts of infiltration through illegal methods

Departments Under their Wing

As it is evident by now, different classes of officers operate within the wings of RAW. Hence, it is important to understand their roles before going into the selection. The positions available after selection to work for RAW are:

  • Deputy Secretary
  • Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Assistant Secretary
  • Assistant Field Officer
  • Field Officer
  • Senior Field Officer

Amongst these, all the ranks of secretary status involve class A officer ranking. Meanwhile, field officers of any category qualify under the Class B and Class C standards. Hence, the pay grade of these officers is also as per the role.

Selection for RAW

To understand how to join RAW, awareness about selection points plays a big part. The government of India allows only the civil service candidates of the Group A scheme to appear for the exam. These candidates need to clear a series of examinations before marking their eligibility.

These exams come under the umbrella of Combined Graduate Preliminary Exams. The authority to hold these is only with the SSC (Staff Selection Committee) on a national level. Hence, after clearing the different stages of civil services exams, eligibility is possible.

Moving ahead, the intelligence department invites these candidates to clear their interviews. It is only after the complete flow chart of scrutiny that someone is found suitable for RAW.

Examination Pattern

The exam pattern for the class A civil service is what you will find here too. It is the standard process of using aptitude, reasoning, and other skills for candidate judgment. Meanwhile, further stages include a higher understanding of the civil, history, other aspects of the country.

After the initial headache of the examination days, the interview contains tough grilling. The main idea is to judge the mental ability of the person for fitting into RAW. Hence, questions about national security, national interest, and much more are common.

The panel of experts who decide the validity of the candidate has many prestigious names. This includes people of former positions of intense work and high importance.

Training for RAW

As understandable, the work at RAW needs high dedication and ability at all levels. This includes the physical and mental character of the highest order for the service. Hence, before knowing how to join RAW, you must brace for the challenge.

However, there is a separate training process to prepare you for the challenges that wait. This is why a candidate has to go through a particular course while preparation. The Lal Bahadur Shastri holds the National Academy of Administration where you get the training through this course.

The training becomes highly important in the psychometric analysis of a candidate too. This also includes your preparation for the education and awareness important for such operations.

Physical Challenges

The first level of physical challenges is to familiarize yourself with the risk. Being a field operative will ask a lot out of you in terms of physical ability. This also includes the ability to forget your original life and dedicate your existence to the country completely.

The government takes care of the sufficient training of their officers before such tasks. Hence, a lot of education along with the right set of skills becomes highly important for your chances.

While the complete training is for 2 years, the basic level is across 2 weeks. This includes the awareness of the candidate including scientific, technological, and financial ideas. Once the 2-year training program goes through, the officer gets their first year with RAW.

Social Challenges

Unlike other security departments, RAW’s agents are not always acknowledged. The government’s ideas operate every time to keep their research operations secret. Hence, most actions that take place will happen under the radar.

This automatically means that a RAW operative does not have a social life. Their entire focus rests on the operations and the benefit of their country. Moreover, the confidential nature of their job also brings a lot of downsides.

Restrictions on a RAW Officer

An officer of any grade in RAW is an asset to the nation’s interest. Hence, the government does not take their existence lightly in any aspect. Anything that goes wrong with the officers is will finally come to the nation’s safety. Hence, a lot of prohibitions are visible to these key officers.

  • The ability to hide their identity at all costs for the interest of their country
  • The ability to adapt quickly into an environment that looks risky
  • A vast range of knowledge of the mission they are going to deal with
  • Extra assessment of different government departments to provide correct plans
  • The ability to resist any form of bribery or evil practices for the greater goal
  • No recognition in case of a sacrifice for a bigger interest of the nation

Joining RAW

With all the knowledge of how to join RAW, the opportunity is wide open. The government does not endorse the process in a public method to avoid extra attention. However, the department always welcomes people of high caliber to join their potential team.

With the increasing challenges that the country faces every day, the requirements are huge. Hence, a career full of selfless motive and challenge will wait for you at RAW.

Once you make it through to the administrative team, the duties increase further. Other departments rely on this wing for safety and administrative decisions. Even the bureaucratic decisions of the highest order are not without the advice of RAW into the matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I get the opportunity to enroll as an officer with RAW?

    Answer: The process is not like the other direct entry methods. We give a full-length detail of what you need to do for selections.

  2. Does RAW only take Indian candidates for their operations?

    Answer: Yes, only people of Indian origin have the right to participate in these exercises. This is to act in the favor of the national interest.

  3. Are there administrative ranks within the department too?

    Answer: Yes, these ranks are responsible for the representation of the department at the national level. Moreover, they also advise for security and other details.

  4. Can we participate in the RAW entry process after the 12th standard?

    Answer: A person needs to be a valid graduation degree holder to be eligible for class A exams. So, the bigger answer here will be No!

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