Indian Foreign Service Salary and Allotment 2021

The Indian Foreign Service Salary has different grades and different sections for the employees. Hence, a lot of confusion comes to sight for a clear idea about the pay scale. To clear the air, we also need to understand the rank categories and the relative qualifications.

Hence, we combine the possible pay range for the different sections under this department. While appearing for the examinations, having a clear idea about the paygrade is very helpful. It also helps you to decide the priority target for your efforts while choosing options.

Another important contributing factor is the division of the salary into smaller portions. The common pattern of division separates the basic pay, allowances, bonus, and other perks. Hence the final amount you take in hand will differ from the common total.

Moreover, the deduction of PF for the employees of government background is also important. An overall idea also helps you to understand the benefits you have from this pay in long run.

Indian Foreign Service

The Indian Foreign Service comes as one of the most prestigious and popular choices at UPSC. A big part of it is due to the role you get to play by joining this department.

The salary you get is also a subject of the role and the importance of it in the setup. Hence, understanding the Indian Foreign Service Salary needs to understand the job roles first.

  • Acting as a representative of the country to another country’s embassy. This will be either on foreign soil or at the embassy of the given country within the Indian limits.
  • Job responsibilities at the Indian high commission involving foreign affairs and happenings.
  • Representation of the national interest and principles at the United Nations. However, this is a very high-profile and demanding category for high-rank authorities.
  • Securing and safeguarding of the Indian interest and rights on foreign soil and property.
  • Designation under different international groups or organizations with temporary or permanent roles. This can include short or permanent commissions, depending on the life of the committee.
  • Working with the consulates of foreign countries for documentation and other requirements.

Indian Foreign Service Grades

Every government working department has many grades under its control. While some grades operate on the basic level, others have management-level employees. Naturally, the difference in grade creates a difference in the pay scale too.

Similarly, the Indian Foreign Service Salary patterns differ as we go through the grades. Hence, we firstly consider the different grades and their respective duties. Moving ahead, a clear idea of the salary description will come into play too.

Junior Time Scale

If you get the rank of junior time scale, your designation is that of an Under Secretary. This means the salary bracket for you will be between 8000 INR to 14000 INR basic.

Senior Time Scale

If you get this rank, the designation is of Under Secretary with higher roles too. For this rank, the salary bracket goes a bit higher to the 10,500 to 1600 INR basic range.

Junior Administrative Scale

As an officer, this duty will propel you to the rank of Deputy Secretary. For such a rank, the salary bracket is 12700 INR to 17000 INR.

Selection Grade Services

If you go through the selection grade, the rank you get is the Counselor Administrator. For this role, the salary limits are between 15100 INR to 18500 INR basic.

Senior Administrative Grade

This rank gives you the high-profile role of being a joint secretary. For this position, you get 18500 INR to 22500 basic salary limits.

High Commissioner

This section will give you the prestigious rank of a joint secretary. For this category, the salary will range up to 26000 INR basic pay.

Considering the Extra Benefits

The main part of the Indian Foreign Service Salary is the extra advantages given by the government. These constitute a big section and also save a lot of expenses for the employee. Moreover, the services available are all top-of-the-line as a token of appreciation for the dedication.

  • Accommodation facilities include the facility of staying at a residence of 2,3,4 BHK. These are available in the special colonies and areas for the government officials.
  • Facilities of transportation that include office and other transport. Special privileges also come for the railway travel of everyone and air travel of the employees.
  • Aids and helpers like housekeepers, guards, assistants, etc. under government pay.
  • Electricity, Water, and other basic services make a standard living setup.
  • Educational benefits for the young ones of the officer holding the rank
  • Complete coverage of any medical emergencies of the employee and the next of kin too.
  • Other basic services include call payments and communication reimbursements
  • Abroad settlement or education of the children for an officer holding the position
  • Stay and travel facilities whenever moving for the fulfillment of a government duty

The entire setup covers 70% of the expenses of a common man in daily life. Hence, the salary acts as a buffer to cover the other leisure of life of the foreign services officer.

Sum Total

The average total amounts to 55000 to 60000 for an officer under the Indian Foreign Service. However, the extra difference comes for someone who has postings under foreign authority. For this grade, the officer can also earn as much as 2,00,000 per month in the net salary.

Pay Band for Indian Foreign Service

To sum, the final amount of the officer will need the calculation of the pay band. This refers to the range of earning, including but not only limited to the basic earnings. Hence, a clear understanding of the Indian Foreign Service Salary will be available.

ScalePay Band
Junior Time Scale15,000 to 39,100
Senior Time Scale15,600 to 39,100
Administrative Scale15,600 to 39,100
Apex Pay Scale65,000 to 80,000
Selection Grade Scale37,000 to 67,000
Cabinet SecretaryUp to 90,000
*All Figures Reflect in INR


Under the approval of the 7th pay commission, the salaries have a big revision. Hence, this impacts the basic as well as the perks available for the job.

Highly Rewarding Pay

The role and recruitment of an IFS officer are through the toughest process in the entire country. To justify this, the perks and advantages are also of equal level. Hence, once a person secures the designation, the government takes care of their elite in a special way too.

While the direct salaries do not reflect a big amount, the other benefits are many. This means a lot of competition to secure the rank and the interesting life of an IFS officer. The scheme also shows why IFS happens to be the most common choice for candidates with high potential.

While the salaries are attractive, the job is equally tough. The role of an IFS representative needs complete knowledge and awareness of the highest order. It is only the best who make it through to the top and justify the country’s belief.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the different pay scales of an officer under the IFS grade duty?

    A. All the different pay scales are present in detail in the article with the perks of the rank.

  2. Do IFS officers have different perks when they are on foreign duty?

    A. Yes, the allowances for the officers on foreign soil differ from the ones in India. This comes through the government’s special allowance funds.

  3. Why are the salaries of the IFS officers so high in comparison to other departments?

    A. It does not stand true that there are any gaps between the departments. The gaps are present only for the grade of the officer in a particular rank.

  4. How many extra advantages do the junior officers get in the IFS department?

    A. The advantages are almost the same as that of the senior officials. However, the grade of advantages and the limits might differ.

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