JEE Advanced College Predictor Best Options 2021

The use of JEE advanced college rank predictor is quite helpful to calm your nerves. A big reason for this comes from the anxiety we feel after exams of such high competition. Hence, your choosing to predict your rank and college is just as common as any other student.

Several options come today that predict your college chances quite accurately. However, some old and slow ones have a lot of errors while doing the prediction. In such situations, it turns out a tricky task to choose the right predictor for your satisfaction.

Moreover, an incorrect clue will also make you further nervous as you wait for the results. We suggest to you some of the best names in the market to use the rank and college prediction system. While we do not promote their commercial schemes, the accuracy of the past is the main quality here.

Understanding the Predictors

Most JEE predictors use the same algorithm for giving you a close guess for your college. These are automatically running software that has a list of previous data worth decades. For every rank in their system, there is a college allotment from the past reference.

On visiting the page, you will observe dialog boxes for your details. The JEE advanced rank predictor will need you to fill these boxes with accurate information. While most of it is personal, a big part is about your examination performance.

The moment you put your possible score in there, it matches the score with the data. The software crawls through the previous year’s scores and the college allotment for it. What comes out is a possibility of the college or colleges to match your rank as per the score.

Important Information for Prediction

Most college predictors and rank predictors need the same type of data from you. Some part of it goes to calculation, while other parts go to promotion. The common information your predictor will ask you to fill while doing the job are:

  • Your name and the important personal details
  • The attempt year and the attempt number
  • Your age and your important contact details
  • Information of the possible score you predict for yourself
  • The category you belong
  • Any special benefits or reservations you have
  • Section-wise details of the scoring you predict for yourself

Once this set of information is available, the task is to match it with the data bank. This entire process gives you a possible combination of the score you get and the rank corresponding to it. The rank then converts to a college name that possibly meets your score in the year.

Accuracy of Predictors

Almost every major educational institute has its JEE advanced college predictor and analysis tool nowadays. So, the number of options you get for college prediction is into millions. However, not every rank and college predictor is as accurate as the leading ones.

Several reasons decide the accuracy and correctness of the rank they give you.

Increasing Colleges

Under the fast-growing education system, new colleges come out almost every year. This means there are more admission seats and options than on the previous list. Most calculators do not account for this because of the lack of data update on behalf of the operator.

As a result, a big variation in rank-wise college lists is possible. Most IITs and other good colleges have 1500+ seats including all the branches. Their availability for admission will completely shift the scheme.

However, such shifts usually affect the mid-table rankings in the list. The top institutes are the old ones and that section of the list does not change much. To account for this uncertainty, the new predictors give you multiple options instead of a single name.

Changing Exam Pattern

JEE advanced is always famous for the changes it makes to the year-wise pattern. The difference comes not only in the scoring but also in the questions and their answering process. In such conditions, the answer keys we use for rank calculations are often incorrect.

For such changes, we advise you to go for a conservative scoring pattern. If you predict a college with your minimum score, the option is only going to better with the increase. Hence, the final allotment you get will always be better than the ones you match with.

Incorrect Answer Keys

Most institutes and services use the knowledge of previous examiners and teachers to give answer keys. However, the uncertainty in the scoring process does not help these experts even a bit. As a result, answer keys always differ from the original scheme of marks distribution.

Your choice of JEE advanced rank predictor depends completely on your scoring prediction. If this goes wrong, the steps coming after it are almost useless. Hence, incorrect answer keys often change the game of allotment prediction to increase your tensions!

Small Data Set

Institutions with big reputations have a large amount of data to cross-reference your information. The bigger the set, the more are the chances to find the right match. However, smaller names do not have that liberty while giving the college predictions.

These institutes use the scoring of their students to make a reference system. Under such conditions, the lack of proper information gives some errors while predicting the right college.

Best Available JEE Advanced College Predictor

Going through many choices for your prediction will lead to more confusion. In such a situation, the best options available will help to calm down the nervous feeling.


This institute has a big presence around the country with thousands of students under its wings. The history and the numbers are all in favor of the right predictions on their behalf. Hence, using the resonance tool will be helpful to give the correct reading of college prediction.

As an outside user, only the online version of their college predictor is available. However, their students get the facility as a part of the after-exam follow-up process.


Aakash also has a big pool of current and pass-out students for JEE exams. Their performance in terms of rank and college prediction is one of the most accurate ones. Just like any other portal, it gives extra perks to the students and members for prediction.


The motion also has its own set of prediction tools for giving you the right rank. They use a similar system to any other leading predictor for matching you with a college. The information set is also quite common to the data you already have with you.

Correct Way Forward

The only part of the examination which is in your control is the performance part. Hence, we always suggest you stay calm after the actual examination is over. The government and education council always comes up with new and correct methods to select the right candidates.

Direct consultation with your previous fellow students can also help. Once you get the information from the JEE advanced rank predictor, cross-checking helps a lot. Ultimately, the decision-making is beyond your limits and patience is the only way ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the accuracy of the JEE advanced college predictor for the exams?

    Answer. Most predictors have as much as 90% accuracy while doing the job. However, double-checking with two or more options will be the correct approach.

  2. Can we use the caste and other reservation data while using the predictors?

    Answer. Yes, these sets have special options to give your quota as input. That will give you an accurate option with the right choices too.

  3. Is there any official predictor from the government for the JEE colleges?

    Answer. No, the education council only releases the list for the previous year’s scores. However, it is quite correct to refer to your marks with this list for predictions.

  4. Do we need to give section-wise marks for the correct calculation of rank?

    Answer. Yes, JEE advanced is an exam that depends heavily on the section-wise system of scoring. Accurate rank results will need both the section-wise and the overall score.

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