JEE Advanced Rank vs Marks List Release 2021

As always, while preparing for JEE, there is an air of confusion about the ranking system. It comes because you have an incomplete idea of how the JEE advanced rank vs marks system works. Moreover, the mix-up can also be about the section-wise distribution of scoring patterns.

While the other standard examinations conduct a simple merit system, JEE is different. It conducts exams as a function of stages and allows students to compete at a variety of fronts. Moreover, the number of competitors and the number of institutions awaiting them is huge!

Hence, our article introduces you to a brief yet helpful analysis of marks and their relative ranks. This comes in handy not only as a student but also if you are a parent. The trends also show the reasons for increasing competition and higher scoring cut-off levels.

Understanding the Exam

JEE Advanced Rank vs Marks 2021

Every year, the authority conducts this testing process for entrance to the government and private institutions. These institutions provide not only engineering but also architecture, diploma, and other qualifications.

Before understanding the JEE advance cut-off marks, you need a wholesome idea of the process. The council holds the first paper (Mains) after the end of the session for every individual school board. Students of class 12th who are in line to pursue an engineering career appear for this high-profile competition.

The appearance for Advance level depends on your qualification through the stage of mains. At this level, the JEE mains rank vs marks is simply your overall score in the exam. Meanwhile, this test also contains the core of mathematics, chemistry, and physics for overall evaluation.

Ranking System

Another important comparison is that for every national rank, there is a relative state rank too. While the national rank shows your standing in the country, the state rank reflects in your appearing state. Institutions like NIT and even IIT have a special section for students of their native state.

While mains will guide you to private colleges and NITs, the big leap is yet to come. The students passing through the first level will move to compete at the JEE advance exam. This test is famous for leading you to the dream IIT institutions for your engineering bachelors.

The test goes through in the form of two papers, each spanning over 3 hours. However, an extra hour is available for people who face physical challenges of any form. The paper will have sections that evaluate a candidate’s merit to go further in education.

While the papers are separate, clearing the first makes you eligible for the evaluation of the second. A cumulative score then comes out to understand how many marks you have come up with. This ranking then helps you to figure out your JEE advanced rank vs marks relation.

JEE Ranking Understanding

A big part of the ranking system also constitutes the section-wise scoring requirement. The questions in each section and the number of sections are usually changing as per the board. Hence, the total score comes out after the conversion of all such factors.

JEE also advises its candidates to clear all the sections to be eligible for ranking. Moreover, the higher you score in a tough section, the better you are in the overall list. Upon releasing the list, the committee also gives separate cut-off levels for different groups.

While some groups have caste consideration, others have the physical capability (PWD) as deciding factor. Each group then enrolls through the admission process for the seats available in different streams.

Ranking Patterns

On careful understanding, the candidate with the first rank in JEE advanced 2020 has a score of 352. A score of 352 is the total of 2 papers that you go through while writing the exam. Meanwhile, another candidate with a total of 315 has the 17th rank in the overall merit list.

This gives a big measure of how competitive this exam gets with the best minds at work. We also give you a small table that reflects the JEE advanced rank vs marks 2020.


Even though JEE decides to shuffle its pattern, the rankings will give a fair measure. To further explain the case of the ranking system, we give you an example with blank names.

For candidate X, the total score in the first paper is 92 and the second test gives 61. This makes a total score of 153 marks and qualifies the candidate in the overall examination too. Hence, the person is now eligible to hold a rank in the overall merit list and go further.

It is also important to know that these cut-offs do not randomly depend on the mood of examiners. A relative study of the year’s level of competition allows the body to understand statistics. This gives them a measure of how many students they want to appear for counseling and decide the marks.

Uncertainty Factor

No matter how many predictions you make, JEE throws them off in different ways every year! Some days the committee decides to come up with numerical type answers. Meanwhile, on other occasions, even a decimal wrong will lead to the question’s rejection.

In such cases, relating the JEE advanced rank vs marks becomes a tricky job. Many online tuitions and ports claim to have a hack for predicting your rank well in advance. However, none of those hacks accurately lead to a rank that comes through after the results come out.

On occasions, the ranking goes as much as 2.5 times the prediction. Meanwhile, in 2018, the rankings show to be 2 times better than the predictions of major groups. Hence, the right process is to appear for the exam and then quietly wait for the outcome.

Preparation Pattern

A wide range of study materials and a list of shortcuts will confuse you all the way. However, the level of competition and history shows that toughing it out is the only option. JEE features the best minds across the country come to light up the platform with years of hard work.

Hence, the only time to focus on the rank is after the result. Thinking too much about rankings in such exams will eat away your important time. The premier institutes recommend their students to be aware of cut off but not fight with them. The easy steps to your dream rank will lead you through some common yet important stages.

  • Awareness of the syllabus
  • Time-division for every important topic
  • Awareness of the subjects you are good at
  • Working hard on the ones you feel uncomfortable with
  • Remembering the minutes, you allot for every subject while the exam takes place

JEE Advanced Ranking

Once you clear the foil, the competition increases many folds. Reflecting on the table shows the difference between the first and the second candidate. However, as we move lower, even a single point shifts your hundreds of places. Hence, the right way is to keep a clear mind and punch well above the bare minimum. This allows you a safety net and gives you the push you need to achieve success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I understand the JEE advanced rank vs marks relationship?

    Answer. This changes for the year you are appearing for the exam. As a repeat candidate, you will witness a huge shift in the rankings as well.

  2. Where do we get the JEE rankings and how do we see it?

    Answer. The rankings will come out on the state as well as the central portal. Moreover, your institutions also give you links within a few hours.

  3. Can it be possible to have a change in rank at a later stage?

    Answer. While it is rare, such events of rank change do surely happen. It can be a result of candidate disqualification of rechecking of papers too.

  4. Do people share rankings despite having different marks?

    Answer. Sharing of ranks is quite common, but different marks do not lead to it. Moreover, different categories have different rankings so that is also out of question.

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