JRE full form in simple terms 2021

JRE full form will stand for the abbreviation of Java Runtime Environment in the field of computers. On similar grounds, the Java virtual machine is the abbreviation for the JVM full form. The above is the perfect answer for the search of JVM ka full form too.


Moreover, the field of computers will also have JDK full form as the Java development kit.

Meanwhile, JRE full form in the banking field will resemble the rank of junior relationship executive. In Hindi, the answer for the JRE full form is कनिष्ठ संबंध कार्यकारी.

On similar grounds, the JEE full form in the field of education is for JOINT ENTRANCE EXAMINATION too.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do JVM and JRE full forms belong to the computer stream

    Answer: Yes, both belong to the computer field of expertise. However, JRE full form also has other answers.

  2. Which field does the JEE full form belong to?

    Answer: The JEE full form belongs mainly to the field of education in the everyday life

  3. What is the other stream for JRE full form?

    Answer: JRE full form is also in the field of engineering and banking.

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