Medical Colleges in Telangana Every Detail 2021

Several medical colleges in Telangana commonly make it to the country’s list of best facilities. Moreover, some of the universities approving these colleges have historical importance too. Hence, it is common that many students wish to invest their educational efforts here for a strong career.

What separates the common colleges from the best ones is the infrastructure, education quality, and interactive activities. Medical students also need a high level of practical expertise and regular practice under supervision. This needs the college to have solid training and laboratory infrastructure.

Hence, while choosing amongst the medical colleges in Telangana, you need to be selective. Choosing a helpful institute with a perfect theory and training balance is important. Join this with good in-house residential facilities, for a healthy educational situation.

Hence, we cover the top choices for medical studies in the state of Telangana. The choices will not be in a necessary order but help you in their unique ways.

Promising Medical Colleges in Telangana List

It is important to understand that standard medical colleges allow entrance through NEET rankings. However, a special part of seats will come under the management’s choice of students. Moreover, special choices are also present for students with a physical disability or cast reservation.

The final choice depends on the thought process of the admission management. Certain institutes also have their test processes for direct entry on merit. We give you a brief run about the details of the important medical colleges in Telangana.

Osmania Medical College (Hyderabad)

The Osmania University has had a rich existence in the history books of India since 1846. Meanwhile, their medical college has a high national-level role of importance too. The college offers 2 major streams and has a total of 48 courses within a radius.

This institute has both the UG and PG levels for the medical stream and accepts the NEET scores. For their PG courses, the scores of NEET-PG are important. Meanwhile, they also have a unique quality of having a separate training hospital for each specific stream.

The college has a private status but also receives support from the government regulatory body. It is a competitive and quality option amongst the medical colleges in Telangana for its practical standards.

  • Location: Hyderabad
  • Establishment: 1979
  • Courses: MBBS
  • Entry: NEET
  • Fees: Varies over 10 lac

SVS Medical College (Yenugonda)

The Sri Venkata Sai College of Medical Studies is another leading group in the private college sector. At present, it has over two and a half decades of progressive experience in medical education. Their approval falls under the NTR Health Science University, with its head office in Vijaywada.

SVS also comes under the 10 famous private medical colleges in Telangana. You can avail of any of their courses at MBBS, MS, MD, and diploma levels. All you need is a qualifying score through the NEET screening process and a standard score in 10+2 academics.

Your NEET PG scores will matter a lot as the college has only 12 seats for the category. Their entry process for UG courses also approves EAMCET scores of 50% or more cut off.

  • Location: Yenugonda, Telangana
  • Establishment: 1999
  • Courses: MBBS, MS, MD, Diploma
  • Entry: NEET, EAMCET
  • Fees: 11 lac+

Government Medical College (Mahbubnagar)

The Government Medical College has come to Mahbubnagar as recently as 2016. With the affiliation of AIMC, the college is about to complete its first batch of pass-out students. Their ranking within the Telangana state is at the 8th position.

To get into this college, a rank under 200 AIR is helpful with a good SSC marks aggregate. Meanwhile, they also have a certain reservation for state-level scholars and children with disabilities. Their affiliation for training etc. is with the Government Hospital within Mahbubnagar.

A total of 175 seats are available for students who want to undergo medical MBBS courses. They also have facilities for your boarding, catering, and practical education.

  • Location: Mahbubnagar, Telangana
  • Establishment: 2016
  • Courses: MBBS, MD
  • Entry: NEET
  • Fees: 10thousand+ (tuition only)


The AIMSR again is one of the high-profile names in the private medical education sector. It is a major investment amongst the medical colleges in Telangana by the Apollo Group. Their limitation of 100 seats is for students with high-grade merit across their national exams.

The college also has a private entry procedure for state-level and national students. A total of 100 seats are available within the facility with a 1:10 ratio of teachers. Moreover, the institute also has PG courses for MD students, with 15 seats in total.

Their practical backing through Apollo’s expertise helps you to get the necessary experience. Also, practical expertise is available in individual streams of education too.

  • Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Establishment: 2012
  • Courses: MBBS, MD
  • Entry: NEET
  • Fees: 60thousand+ (tuition only)

Deccan College, DCMS (Hyderabad, Telangana)

The Deccan Medical College is an old and fine institution of medical education within Hyderabad. It has a total of 150 seats available for students of all categories. Your entry into the institute can only be through the steps of NEET with a good ranking.

Moreover, a high score at the SSC level also helps the cause of admission. Sharing a high reputation amongst the medical colleges in Telangana, DMC’s chair head is Asaduddin Owaisi. The facility has a large area and provides you with a mixture of practical and educational experiences.

The college also has provision for MD, and diploma courses within its campus. The college also stands amongst the oldest ones that exist in the region for medical education. A total of 1000 students are under the institute’s wings already. The teaching ratio at the organization is at 1:10 for efficiency.

  • Location: Hyderabad, Telangana
  • Establishment: 1984
  • Courses: MBBS, MD, Diploma
  • Entry: NEET
  • Fees: 11 lakhs+

Telangana Medical College Facilities

The state gives you infinite opportunities to undergo medical education within its limits. The local government is highly helpful to organizations looking to expand their education hub. The medical colleges in Telangana are familiar with their share of great names.

This also justifies that Hyderabad is a leading name globally when it comes to medical treatment. The area is a modern pivot for state-of-the-art medical facilities for the country’s population. People from all over the globe choose the city for the most complex of medical procedures.


The state strictly depends on the standard process of NEET results for admissions. Meanwhile, additional management seats and quotas are available for eligible students. The fees cap varies for the private colleges whereas it is very small for the government ones.


The level of competition is quite high at the entry stage because of the population. Students compete from all across the country to get these few hundred seats. For preparations, we suggest you refer to our article about the best NEET books for quick and efficient learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Telangana have such good Medical Colleges in much less time?

    A. The local government is cooperative and education-friendly. They want higher competitive education and hence invite more investors for better infrastructure.

  2. How many colleges are there in Telangana for Medical Education?

    A. There are dozens of colleges in the government and private sections for a medical specialty.

  3. What is the entry requirement for these medical colleges in Telangana?

    A. There is no way around it except to appear for the standard NEET test. Also, focus on a good total score in your 10+2 course at the school level.

  4. What is the process of result declaration and awareness in these medical colleges?

    A. The college will accept your application, select the good ones, and release a list. Keep watching their official handle for the latest release.

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