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SP full form in police working system will help you to be aware of the rank and have knowledge. Hence, it is understandable to get so many requests for this term and its full meaning. This makes us indicate SP in our list of important full forms that will help you. This is important for being aware and learning further too.


The primary answer for the full form of SP in police working arrangement refers to the Superintendent of Police. This police rank holds high value and honor in the department and has high authority too. The rank also has high-level government exams for its uptake and allotment.

Meanwhile, another search like this terminology comes for the important DSP full form in Police. Taking the police hierarchy awareness further, we include this full form in our list for your ease. Moreover, you will find similar terms of high importance with direct and correct answers here.

The rank of DSP refers to the name of Deputy Superintendent of Police in the Indian system of law. This rank holds high esteem and purpose to itself in the department and power too. The duties of DSP include the upkeep of law and order and the functioning of the police department too.

Another similar search is for the TI full form in police when talking about the local police system. With the wide and confusing arrangement of rankings, this demand is quite common as well. Hence, we keep the TI full form within our list for your awareness and clarity of the police working order.

People commonly regard this rank as the Inspector of police, or simply the Thana In charge in Police. The person looks after the working and upkeep of a particular police station under their authority. The responsibility of security in the specific area under the station is also under the TI’s supervision.

Other SP Full Forms

SP full form in commerce and similar subjects comes in handy for you as a student. We include all such results along with the police’s full form to help you compare these terms. Such direct comparison will also help you to connect and remember the terms quite easily and avoid mix up.

This term in commerce refers to the Selling Price of an article, which is useful in math too. This terminology is important right from the school level education for every student. However, on the higher level, there is another explanation for SP to be aware of.

We are referring to the name of the Secretarial Practical when talking about the commerce SP full meaning. You may also need thereal SP full form in medical to understand the different branches. We include this aspect of description over here for your understanding too.

The qualification of a speech pathologist is the right description to fit the full form of SP. The person is most useful in the case of children with various speech issues and other swallowing problems. Moreover, the qualification of this order is quite important and rare too.

A common knowledge terminology for you is to know about the SP full form in oximeter. This full form also helps you to be quickly responsive when treating or helping a patient. Hence, we include this important terminology within our list as well for your convenience.  

This term in the Oximeter refers to the combination of Saturation and Pulse rating of the patient. It indicates the saturation oxygen level of the patient under-diagnosis and gives a fair indication of their status. At present, this is a very important indication of a person’s well-being under treatment.

Full-Form in Other Languages

SP full form in Hindi is also important if you have an interest in knowing about the police. Moreover, many exams of this nature also take place in the Hindi language too. Hence, we include this unique term within our article for your clarity of understanding.

You can write this term in Hindi as the पुलिस अधीक्षक for easily understanding the meaning of SP. Another similar terminology is for the full form of SP in Tamil which you can use commonly. This full form is available for writing as the போலீஸ் சூப்பிரண்டு.

Providing the Right Full Forms

We give you all the correct full forms for direct usage at several places for your convenience. We also include results with several correct meanings to avoid any confusion at your end. There is a separate provision to include specific full forms of your liking within our service too. These terms are also available in a variety of languages as per the user’s local user needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main use of the SP full form and where?

A. This full form will be helpful for you in understanding the police department. It also turns out to be important for police entrance exams.

Do you have the full form of SP in Hindi and any other language?

A. Yes, we include full forms like these in different languages to help your understanding.

Can you add further full forms as per the user’s need?

A. We welcome your requests to add further terms to our list for your specific choices.

Do you have the technical full forms over here too?

A. Yes, we provide all such technical and tricky full forms and meanings for your ease.

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