TRIMS full form complete meaning 2021

There are a lot of search results like the TRIMS full form that we provide our visitors. The common result for the TRIMS full form search is the Trade-Related Investment Measures.


Meanwhile, there are other meanings for the TRIMS search too. For example, the technical or computer-specific meaning of TRIMS full-form is Technical Risk Identification and Mitigation System. In Hindi, the above meaning is equal to तकनीकी जोखिम पहचान और शमन प्रणाली. 

The TRIM is also a computer language instruction for the collection of system data by the operating system. The major meanings of the TRIMS full-form are amongst these only.

TRIMS full form and frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the use of the TRIMS full form result?

A. The TRIMS full-form search results are not only for commerce but also for the computer field.

2. Do you have TRIMS full form meaning in Hindi too?

A. Yes, we give the search result for TRIMS full form in Hindi too.

3. What is the difference between TRIM and TRIMS?

A. TRIMS full form is available in the result. Meanwhile, TRIM is a computer-specific command.

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