What is the full form of CID? for official use in 2021

It is an exciting thing to understand what is the full form of CID to put into daily use. Such questions from the young, as well as the old people and viewers, are common as well. Hence, we make definite ideas to give this particular full form to our readers. You will find other full forms and meanings too.


CID full form will find the correct answer in the terminology of the Crime Investigation Department. This department is the primary responsibility holder to take care of serious criminal activities. Their powers are of a national reputation that will go over the interference of political bodies too.

The above full form is also particularly famous due to the popularity of a show by this name. This is also the reason behind a lot of young TV viewers asking for this particular terminology. However, the meaning of this particular abbreviation will remain the same for the above usage too.

The CID full meaning will reflect the working of the department and their authority and power. This particular legal authority is within the state system and responsible for the legal upkeep. Their origination is from the British roots that have a department with the same name.

Technical Use in CID

Another similar demand is for the correct answer for the CID full form in computer and technology. This particular terminology is a bit more popular amongst users with technical understanding. Nevertheless, we make this meaning available for all our users to answer their problems.

The right way to describe the above abbreviation is by using the term Customer Interface Device. Such devices are hugely famous in the modern system of automation usage across industries. This will make the particular terminology very useful for the technical people and areas.

Another correct explanation for the above term is also the meaning of Client Information Database and services. This particular terminology is intensely famous with the customer service providers and companies. Hence, the large number of requests for this particular search is understandable too.

Relevant Full Forms

CID full form in company names and references is also a high-demand search request in the corporates. This will lead the search users to the ultimate result of the Corporate Identity Design for their specific purpose. The official nature of this full-form terminology is exciting as well as highly useful.

Another relevant term is the search for the CID full form in medical. This particular search will need a certain amount of technical expertise for understanding and usage. Hence, we provide this medical full form for our users to give them the right direction for usage.

The correct meaning for the above abbreviation is the terminology of Combined Immunodeficiency Disease. Another essential meaning to describe the above full form correctly is the Combined Immune Deficiency. Both these full forms will assist the users who suffer through wither of such problems.

People also ask a lot for understanding the full form of ACP in CID to understand the rank. This particular abbreviation will also be available in a separate article for the ACP full form. However, we provide a direct answer over here as well for our users.

The correct explanation for this particular abbreviation is the terminology of the Assistant Commissioner of Police. This designation of authority is of high respect and importance in the Indian legal and police system. This leaves no question about the importance of this full form as well.

Different Languages and Full Forms

Additional tasks for requesting the important full forms in the native language are also famous ones. We try to provide such terminologies in as many languages as possible to answer the users. A common request is for the CID full form in Hindi for the Hindi-speaking native users.

The right terminology for this particular abbreviation is in the form of अपराध जांच विभाग. This will solve the common confusion when it comes to the Hindi language users and population. Another such search is also for the CID full form in Tamil

The description for this particular abbreviation and its relative full form is the குற்ற விசாரணை துறை. More of such full forms and their respective expansions are available within our arrangement. 

We try to answer the requests for as many full forms as possible for a given term. Through this, the users will increase their full form awareness and also avoid confusion or embarrassment. Moreover, such common terms are also within the radius for common examinations and quizzes. Our user can also look for different interpretations of a particular full form if the same is applicable.

What is the Full Form of CID? (FAQ)

  1. Where will we need to apply the full form of CID in daily usage?

    A. The use of this particular full form is in the police department as well as the other official areas too.

  2. Do you have the right full forms of all the different types?

    A. We make regular efforts for a broader reach to get all the correct full forms and terminologies.

  3. Can we find the CID full form in Hindi or other similar languages too?

    A. Yes, we have this full form and other full forms in all the various languages for our users.

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